Bett says, “My biggest fitness goal is that I want to live my healthiest, most active life I can live. This is my gift to my child – to be healthy and take care of myself.” Both mom and daughter agree: “There’s nothing like getting those endorphins going and just feeling better.” Get YOUR endorphins going in one of Harford’s many fitness classes – there’s sure to be one that’s a great fit for you!

Bett Farina has been a part of the Zumba Gold family since January of 2014. She was convinced by two of her friends to give the class a try and has been a loyal participant ever since. Why Zumba Gold? Well, for starters, Bett loves to dance, so this is the perfect class to get a workout and have fun doing it!  It’s the ideal class to round out her other fitness interests, running and walking, as well as being a great social outlet. Instructor Judi Wurm loves that the ladies in the class have fun working out, offer each other support, and keep coming back for more!

Bett feels variety is key to staying on track for her fitness lifestyle. She feels that it helps her self-esteem, keeps her active, and leaves her with more energy than most people her age. Her stamina has increased significantly from where it was four years ago. In 2009, she weighed about 40 pounds more than today. After starting to run, she began to lose weight and feel better. Today, Bett weighs in regularly and keeps a food journal. Her mantra is to eat when hungry, not just for the sake of eating.

In addition to her twice-weekly Zumba dance sessions here at the College, Bett also runs 2½ miles three times a week. She’s only been running since she was 45, but has found that little achievable goals have enabled her to keep up with her husband, as well as out-run many who are younger! Her neighbors even named a hill in their neighborhood after her, now known affectionately as “Bett’s Hill.” She wears a Fitbit and strives to get 10,000 steps in a day, acknowledging it takes a lot of discipline. It’s not just a matter of having the energy; it’s a matter of being determined.

Bett says, “My biggest fitness goal is that I want to live my healthiest, most active life I can live. This is my gift to my child – to be healthy and take care of myself.” In response, her daughter says “Mom, you’re my inspiration.” Both mom and daughter agree: “There’s nothing like getting those endorphins going and just feeling better.”

Zumba Gold is offered year-round at the College. Typically intended for the senior fitness student, Zumba Gold is similar to Zumba, but with less jumping, less stress on the knees, and less spinning. Each class, one or two songs will be switched up to keep it fresh, but the ladies do thrive on a little routine so changes to the routine each week are just enough to keep it fun and offer a little challenge. 14-18 ladies typically attend each session, and they love it. There’s no pressure to perform as no one is staring at them in a gym setting; they can just be themselves for 50 minutes of a fun dance workout.

Instructor Judi Wurm has been teaching for seven years and has been with the College for four years. She is certified in all the Zumba-brand classes, but mainly focuses on Zumba and Zumba Gold. In addition to being committed to her Zumba Gold students, Judi and 14 of her students walked in the “Race Against Addiction Memory Walk” last spring, sporting t-shirts with “Zumba Ladies” across the front. It’s not just a class for them, it’s a lifestyle!

There’s no better time to get in shape than now!  Whether you are looking for a high energy workout, toning, or mind/body wellness, there’s something for everyone. Visit for a complete listing of group fitness classes.

You can get moving this month with these fitness and wellness classes at HCC:

Tabata Bootcamp
August 20 – September 12, 2018 (Mon., Wed.) 5 - 6 PM
Susquehanna Center, Room 207
Tabata training is a high intensity interval training method incorporating sets of workouts that last four minutes each. Adding this type of workout to your fitness routine will produce results that offer more health benefits than traditional cardiovascular exercise. It’s fast and versatile, burns fat, and raises your metabolism. Tuition: $39. Fee: $7. Course: 35421. Call 443-412-2113.

Indoor Cycling
August 21 – September 25, 2018 (Tues.) 5 - 5:45 PM
Susquehanna Center, Room 206
Cyclists of all abilities will improve their cycling skills and performance through indoor-specific cycling training. In addition to the physical benefits, these workouts provide variety to make indoor cycling training interesting and enjoyable. Training will include proper bike fit and set-up, proper workout attire, appropriate riding positions and pedaling cadences, optimal workout nutrition strategies, proper warm-up and cool-down procedures, pre-workout/event warm-up strategies, and training power levels/heart rate zones. Tuition: $54. Fee: $6. Course: 35425. Call 443-412-2113.

Zumba Gold
August 27 – September 17 (Mon. & Wed.) 6 - 7 PM
Susquehanna Center, Room 207
Zumba Gold is a series of fitness programs specifically designed to take the exciting Latin and international dance rhythms to the active older adult. It is easy to follow so everyone any age can do it and includes Merengue, Salsa, Cha Cha, Cumbia, Belly Dance, Flamenco, Tango, and Rock and Roll. This program is guaranteed to provide you with a safe and effective total body workout! It's great for the mind, body, and soul. Same great music and moves, but a little slower pace and more time teaching the steps. Everyone in the county is welcome regardless of your fitness needs. This class is for beginners and active older adults. Tuition: $30. Fee: $6. Course: 35393. Call 443-412-2113.