The Mid-Atlantic Undergraduate Psychology Conference (MAUPC) held its third annual conference on April 5 at Towson University in Northeastern Maryland.  Four Harford Community College students, Mahlqui Brown, Grace Dietz, Mario Scotto, and Lashai Scroggins, presented at the conference.

The conference, a joint effort of Harford Community College and Towson University, featured the research presentations of students from Prince George’s Community College, Towson University, University of Delaware, University of Maryland Baltimore County, York College of Pennsylvania, Notre Dame of Maryland University, and Harford Community College.  

There were three oral presenters from Harford and a poster presenter. Harford student Lashai Scroggins presented on Collegiate Recovery Community; Mahlqui Brown presented on Race, Discordance, and the Hawthorn Effect; Mario Scotto presented on School-Based Interventions and Anxiety; and Grace Dietz presented her poster on the Physical and Psychological Make-up of Balance.  Students worked with their instructors to prepare for the conference. Harford students Mahlqui Brown and Grace Dietz worked with Professor Regina Roof-Ray, Mario Scotto worked with Professor Parita Vithlani, and Lashai Scroggins worked with Professor Jan Brewer.  

Additionally, the attendees participated in workshops on graduate school, learned about two-year to four-year college transition, and attended poster presentations. Networking opportunities and “Psychology Jeopardy” were highlights of the conference, along with the panel of psychologists discussing their occupations and the educational path they took to get there.