Jordan Williams

“I am a huge advocate for starting at Harford . . . The education I received here was of an extremely high level, prepared me to transfer, and I graduated with zero student loans.”

Growing up in Harford County, Jordan Williams has been taking classes and participating in activities offered by Harford Community College for most of her life. Today, Jordan is an employee of the College, serving as Event Coordinator & Gift Officer for the Harford Community College Foundation.

“I’m a local, born and raised in Havre de Grace, so I always felt at home on campus. HCC has truly been a part of my life since I was a child taking art classes and participating in dance productions such as The Nutcracker,” says Jordan, who is also an HCC alumna. Although she was homeschooled, she took some high school credit courses at HCC. She began her college studies at Harford and graduated in 2011 with an Associate of Arts degree in English. She then transferred to The University of Maryland, College Park and graduated Magna Cum Laude in 2013 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Language and Literature and a Minor in Linguistics.

Jordan said that Harford gave her the space to learn and experiment and grow up. “HCC was a very important stepping-stone for me. Starting at Harford gave me two years to explore internships and potential career paths, to meet interesting people and learn different ways of thought, and to grow as an individual with a unique vision. Transferring to UMCP was seamless for me, and Harford absolutely prepared me for the academic expectations of a four-year state institution. In some ways, I believe HCC gave me an advantage over my peers.”

During her years as an HCC student, Jordan was very involved with Harford Dance Theatre; she took classes and performed in several productions each year. In addition, she was a member of Phi Theta Kappa National Honor Society.

“I thrived at Harford. The faculty cared so much about, not only the course content, but the students in the seats, and that makes an impact,” stated Jordan. “All of my professors helped me! They might be surprised to know just how much, and how much I still appreciate it every day of my life. They wanted me to do well, and I wanted to do well for them. I keep a few of the recommendation letters they wrote on my behalf and love to read their deeply encouraging words. And lest it sound as though I made it through school alone, my family, of course, are the greatest supporters I have, and I am extremely thankful for them.”

Jordan said, “I believe in looking back down the path on which you have traveled, not only to see how far you’ve come, but to see if you can help anyone else. When I attended Harford, I had to fund my education myself, and I did this by working hard and receiving scholarships. To this day, I count the Harford Community College Alfred C. O’Connell Honors Scholarship as one of the greatest blessings in my life, because it enabled me to receive a college education without the burden of wondering how I would get through semester by semester.” She also received the Athena Macris DeFabo Memorial Book Endowment, and the President Chiesi Excellence in Performing Arts Award. In addition, Jordan had the distinction of being selected as the student commencement speaker when she graduated from HCC. “It is an incredible honor to return to HCC and work in the Foundation to secure the scholarship funding that will give students the same opportunity that someone once gave me. It feels very purposeful, and that is important to me.”

As the Event Coordinator & Gift Officer for the HCC Foundation, she is responsible for planning and executing six to eight Foundation events each year. “The funds I help raise as part of the Development team support student scholarships and programs at HCC. Most importantly, I am privileged to form connections with community members, business leaders, and individuals, and work with them to build relationships that ultimately strengthen the support offered to the students at HCC,” she said.

She previously worked part time as the Company Manager for Harford Dance Theatre, the community dance company at HCC. Jordan also was a server at Tea by Two in Bel Air. “They have the best scones in Harford County and the kindest people you will ever meet,” said Jordan.

“I am a huge advocate for starting at Harford and saving the money. The education I received here was of an extremely high level, prepared me to transfer, and I graduated with zero student loans.” She recommends Harford to others all the time, and not only for academic study. “I always encourage people to come to a performance or event. Our theater and arena spaces are incredible.”

She offers this advice to those just starting college: “Keep your whole mind open. In high school, I think society works to group everyone in a Venn diagram of sorts. In college, you have the wide open prairie of thought, and critical thinking, and question asking. Keep your goal ahead of you, but take classes that interest you. It is so much more important and fulfilling to fall in love with learning and subject matter than it is to memorize equations or write the perfect thesis. Be inquisitive. Ask for help. Work hard. Harford will hold up its end of the bargain, so if you hold up yours, you’ll get there.”