Weiping Qin

The Student Government Association President hopes his story will help others realize the value of Harford Community College.

Weiping Qin, who was born and raised in China, says he feels honored to be a Harford student. As a new immigrant since 2013, he loves the freedom and democracy in this country and enjoys participating in activities where he can serve others. As the SGA President, Weiping serves as the liaison between students and the administration, providing a voice for the more than 18,000 students at Harford. "I try my best to help students have a successful year in their academic, social, and spiritual lives," he said.

He's also been actively involved in the College's Alternative Break program, where students provide community service during their spring, summer or winter break. "I would highly recommend our Alternative Break program to all HCC students. During spring break 2019, we went to New Orleans, and that summer, we travelled to Rome, Italy." He enjoyed volunteering and being part of a team that was there to help others. Weiping said the students who participated got a real-life education learning about different cultures, the extreme poverty that some people face, and how to deal with challenges. During the 2020 winter break, he'll travel to Key West to volunteer with the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary and is looking forward to the opportunity to do something good for the environment and society, saying "Many thanks to HCC and the Office of Student Life for this program."

He is a member of the Emerging Leaders Program, which gives students opportunities to participate in leadership activities, workshops, and conferences.

Weiping believes that Harford is a smart choice because students receive a high quality college education at an affordable cost and can then transfer to a four-year university, if that’s their goal. "The door is always open to our community. You can make a difference, and you can get a solid academic and career foundation at Harford." He is especially grateful for the guidance he's received from Dr. Dianna G. Phillips, President of Harford Community College; Caitlin White, Student Leadership and Orientation Specialist in the Office of Student Life; and Academic Advisor George Budelis.

Weiping will graduate with an AS degree in Business Administration and an Accounting Certificate in May 2020. After graduation, he plans to serve in the U.S. Navy for five years and transfer to University of Maryland Global Campus (formerly UMUC) to pursue a bachelor's degree in management studies. He also plans to earn an MPA from Johns Hopkins University. "2020 will be my big year: new beginning and new challenges. I am so excited to serve in the Navy." His goal is to find work where he can provide service to the community and the country. He would like to run for U.S. Congress in 2028.

Weiping is the author of two books, China's Crisis Roadmap and Exodus from the Crisis of China. In addition, he hosts a YouTube channel, "Weiping Show," which has more than 52,000 subscribers. "I love freedom and democracy," he said. Weiping is a frequent guest on "Radio Free Asia" and "Voice of America," and is a columnist and editor for China in Perspective, an e-magazine developed as part of the Princeton China Initiative. As part of the Outstanding Chinese American Festival hosted by Cultural Media Alliance and Hello China USA, Weiping received 76.9K online votes and was named a 2018 Outstanding Chinese American. He is also the current council member of the Independent Federation of Chinese Students and Scholars, a non-governmental organization based in Washington, DC.

Weiping firmly believes in giving back to the community. He recently donated funds to create the Weiping Qin Freedom Scholarship at HCC to acknowledge the service and support of freedom around the world. The funds are an advance from his third book, The Winners of China's Crisis; the annual scholarship will benefit HCC student leaders and veterans.

His advice to other students: "A goal without a plan is just a wish, and a vision without action is just a dream. Please keep going for your future. Find the value of Harford and try to be a better you."