Individual Learning Assistance

In order to be considered for individual learning assistance you must be enrolled in a credit course at Harford Community College for the current semester.

You may be considered for individual learning assistance if:

  • You are repeating a course.
  • You earned less than a C average in a previous attempt in the course or prerequisite.
  • Your cumulative GPA is less than 2.0.
  • You were referred by your instructor or Disability and Student Intervention Services.
  • You received a deficiency notice.

Please use your HCC email address to contact the Learning Center. Please complete the request form in order to be considered for individual learning assistance. After submitting the form, the Student Success Specialist will contact you to schedule a meeting to develop your Student Success Plan and to discuss your learning request. Completing the request form does not guarantee that students will receive individual learning assistance.

Check out the timelines to request individual sessions. The last day to request these sessions coincides with the last day to withdraw from classes.

Note: Instructors, advisors, personnel from Disability and Student Intervention Services, and other HCC staff can refer students to the Learning Center by completing the request form, calling the Learning Center at 443-412-2429, or emailing the Learning Center.